Hviezdoslavovo námestie 18, in the basement/cellar of the Academy of Arts

"Meeting point, espresso with milk on a terrace, a notoriously famous canteen of the Academy of Arts. It's both lunch or dinner spot. You might not be blown away by its gourmet meals, but the great company and the ambiance certainly makes up for it. Instead of experimenting with dishes from countries far away, try some of the local grub such as pumpkin stew or French potatoes (potato gratin) with gherkins."
"It is really odd, that a late evening search for a pub always ends up here. It is a well known fact that the wine here is unpalatable and the beer will not bring you much joy either, it is the unpretentious ambience and the strange blend of people sitting nearby that seals the deal.
"The cooks are from Ukraine, so when you see Borsch on the menu, do not hesitate to try it."

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