Literary Tea Room and Café

Grösslingova 49

"This is a great place for enjoyable moments spent either together as a couple or just entirely by yourself. The staff always gives you a few interesting details about the tea you are drinking, explains how is it supposed to be prepared and how to pour it properly. A true oasis in the middle of a busy city centre."

"A tiny little tea room offering a great variety of teas. They also serve coffee, wine, arabic snacks, have a pleasant music and plenty of books that you can either read in the café or exchange them in return for any books you may bring in yourself - a literary exchange. From time to time an occasional concert takes place in here. The place is very cosy and homelike. It is not easily visible from the street and there are often only a very few guests inside, which makes it a great hideaway and a wonderful place to relax."

"I have only discovered this place fairly recently and I have already been there like four times since. A very cosy tea room, great for tea connaisseurs. They offer fresh teas of a high quality, but they also serve various herbal drinks and little bites to eat. What I find really delightful is when the staff offers you a cake or cookie, just because you feel like one, and it is of course on the house. Teas are served the traditional way, when pouring in more and more water which makes tasty infusions. It makes one truly feel at home."

"A tastefully furnished tea room with high ceilings located on the most beautiful quiet little side street in Bratislava. The attentive personnel is being very generous giving away their cookies and of course they also carry a great tea selection."

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