Game- keeper's house

→ Lesná 1 in Horský park

» Horský park offers the atmosphere of a wild forrest inside a city. Forrest school - a building of an old inn and a lovely teahouse with a beautiful furnace. Every month it hosts a yard sale, during the summer months you can come to watch a movie or for a ballroom dance, in the winter it has a small skating ring. It is a great place with a proper communal spirit. «
» In winter it is ideal for a hot chocolate with blueberry cake, in summer great for an outdoor cinema, flea markets and such. You can bring your junk in and try to sell it. «
» From summer they also offer a tasty and quite inventive lunch menu. «
» This little café is located in a building of a historical, 130-year old gamekeeper’s lodge. Located very close to Bratislava’s geometric centre, by the main entrance to Horský park. For the good part of 17 years it hosted a small, sympathetic café - Libresso. With its originality and kind atmosphere it attracts attention of a cultured crowd. «

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