Friends of Coffee

At Beskydska, sidelong with Šancova right next to the sexshop. Open from 10am to 5pm, closed on weekends.

"After cafe Trieste it is another cafe of Italian type, with a little bar for drinking coffee while standing, and with just a few tables. Cafe is actually a side product of a coffee shop, which sells coffee, coffee accessories and performs maintenance for coffee machines. Coffee is great and for Italian price (espresso for 0.85€). If you as a joke mention that you'd like a picollo, the owner will patiently explain your mistake..."

"It's a mini-cafe at Beskydska, where they offer various kinds of coffee from all around the world. The atmosphere there is really comfortable and the owners can talk much about the coffee. If you liked the coffee, you can buy it for home too. My co-worker wanted to buy a coffee grinder and we were provided with a nice information about coffee grinders - I was just astonished how much I found out about it! :-)”

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