Čierny pes

Na vŕšku 2, near Kapucínska, perpendicular to Klariská

»Finally a lovely venue without owners cramming it full of antiques. Everything in moderation. No fake cosiness that has been spreading around Bratislava lately. It has an atmosphere of a proper, no-nonsense pub. No vintage cooker in the middle of the room or a bagful of crap from a shop selling fake French rustic accessories.«

»A very cozy place, good beer and something small to eat. I haven't tried their pickled sausage slices and marinated hermelin cheese yet, but they have an amazing nut spread. You get two rolls with it and you are fine.«

»Ultra neat non-smoking pub. They draw beer Bernard. Nice service and good prices. They even have frankfurters :)«

»I praise the fact they have draught Kofola and there’s no radio playing inside. Calm and pleasant place made for relaxing.«

»As a big fan of Absinth, I am glad they serve the real thing and not one of those fakes you can find in most grocery stores… :)«

»Concerning the bread rolls and spreads: they always serve it with good tasty bread and without the rolls. And if you require more slices of bread, they will bring you more. It has to be said – this place maintains its foot-hold – we come here really often and it has not disappointed us once. It’s because they do not play around with silly gimmicks and serve stuff that’s been proven by time – such as variety of home-made spreads (such as garlic, blue cheese or pork scratchings) and now they also serve beer specials… It’s a great place to be!«

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