Štúrova 12/16

» When it comes to dining with style... while standing up, with a virtual trip back to the socialist times, the slaughter house specialties Karmina is a must. A canteen that offers meaty, greasy and homely meals – goulash, smoked beef tongues, livers; ground, forced meat or minced. Eating standing up among the guys in their dungarees, who usually have their meat with a glass of kofola and a vodka shot. Places such as this one are very rare nowadays. Not only it is a great eatery, at night it turns into a bar and while I am not so sure about the beer, the wine here is better than in many more upscale places in the neighborhood. «
» Karmina’s clientele cannot be reduced only to grubby construction workers. Karmina offers a thorough cross-section of Slovak society. It includes the head-of-state (Gašparovič), university professors (Kerďo), middle management from nearby offices, workmen, unemployed barflies and hungry students in corduroy trousers. They used serve the best tripe soup in town. «

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