Vietnamese Buffet

Located at the marketplace on Miletičova, right at the end of the row of wooden kiosks

„At the market, you can have a really good meal at the Vietnamese kiosk “at the corner”. You should definitely try the Vietnamese part of the menu (they also serve Chinese and Schnitzels) – the chef will advise you on the food and he’s so happy when you enjoy your meal or come again for more. We recommend pho-bo (beef) and bun bo nam bo. It tastes just as good as in Vientam (it’s so hip right now :P) All the vegetables they use are fresh and are sourced from the market. The meat comes from a local butcher as well. They have no trouble showing you their ingredients (the meat was of a very good quality). Also some of the stuff comes all across the globe from Vietnam. Both tables and floor can be a little bit sticky, but you shouldn’t be afraid (same goes for the cutlery and chopsticks). Add some toasted peanuts, lemon and the super-spicy hot sauce – just like a proper Vietnamese. Enjoy the food - this man with his kitchen deserves his own number on the map.” (Jaro)

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