U Kubistu

In a Cubist house at the corner of Grosslingova and Klemensova, close to Jakubovo námestie

»I almost feel guilty adding this place to the map, because now, shortly after the opening, it is quite hard to get a table there. But I cannot help myself, because it is the places like this that should be filling this category. No more sandwiches and trophies of the old times. Smart bistro of nonchalant, heartfelt kind… Bar, the most important part of the interior, the kitchen is not there to hide the chef, ketchup bottles and convenient stock cubes. The interior is crowned by beautiful light coming through the huge windows. And the food! Inventive dishes - both meaty and vegetarian, great coffee. The prices are higher, but not appallingly high. They’re just beginning, but dear god of gastro-business, let this be the begining of a new wave of decent bistros.«

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