Schnitzel in Leberfinger

→ Leberfinger Restaurant in J. Kráľ park, right behind the Viedenská cesta by Danube.

» Probably the best schnitzel in Bratislava – Leberfinger schnitzel. Really thin schnitzel in a crispy non-oily breadcrumbs crust. Although it’s not a veal schnitzel like the authentic Wiener Schnitzel one, but so yummy. Comes best with homemade potato salad. Really nice fact is that you can order a half portion. Half sized dish, in a size of a plate, will be certainly sufficient for you.«

→ Meštiansky pivovar #301
»They do Schnitzels - proper veal ones and in the spring-time they serve it with salad made of tiny new potatoes and chives. Splendid!«

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