Downtown Backpacker's Hostel

Panenská 31, close to Hodžovo nám.

»Not a long time ago, Hostel caught a new fresh breath. The change of the owner resulted in the appreciable upgrading of menu. Risotto is creamy, tomato soup is properly tomatoey and Hoegaarden and Pilzner were added among other beer pipes. New house lord has a very nice approach, Hostel's atmo got stronger, wine is tasty, music is often also live, jazz Tuesdays and reasonable prices. Yay!«

»I was pleasantly surprised by this place. I was expecting a bog-standard pub with beer, but then I had hard time choosing from the menu full of great dishes. Recommended for those passive vegetarians who don’t have to eat meat when there is something else to be tried (such as Zucchini risotto!) They have very good wines as well. Their wine menu focuses on the 2012 vintage and it is very well made. They will also bring you a caraffe of water free of charge, which is nice. I always come to the Hostel, when I don’t know what to eat and I don’t want to experiment. They have never disappointed me and I have even tried their breakfast menu.«

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