Where to go for breakfast?

This is a list of places that are great for breakfast. In case you know of any others, whoosh, let me know:

Backpackers Hostel – you can enjoy your breakfast here with people from all over the world and according to the menu they have on display, their selection of meals seems to be also pretty decent.

Kubista – from 10 am on weekends – the breakfast menu changes all the time. You can try eggs or Danish porridge.

Štúr – at Štúrova starting from 8:00 am on weekdays, from 9:00 am on weekends. Other branches open slightly later. They don't really have any special breakfast combos, but their delicious standard menu will totally do.

Corny – On work days they open from 8am, on weekends from 11am. They serve mostly cakes, paninis and toasts.

Verne – from 8:30am I am guessing until 11:00am – soft-boiled eggs, English or Continental breakfast, cornflakes.

Or a school canteen upstairs in Market hall – a tripe soup with a pint of Budvar at 7 am. And don't forget to take home with you the customary 10 dkg of the "exclusive" treska (cod salad) from Ryba store located right in front of this place, together with the best pork crackling pies (pagáče) sold by the fella downstairs. Cheers!

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