Pohostinstvo Vihorlat

Trebišovská 3, among the houses near Štrkovec lake

»Absolutely amazing retro place from the darkest times of communist times. Full of intoxicating smell of beer and borovička [gin’s Slovak cousin] and with a collection of grandpas silently staring into their glasses or totally wasted waiter collecting empty glasses for a shot of something. The barmaid will try to kick you out about half an hour before the last call. Plastic tablecloths, wooden panelling, tables and chairs.. everything is original as I remember it from the 1980s when I would come here with my deceased great-aunt. Until this very day, they still serve both yellow and red lemonade [as was customary some 30 years ago]. Unfortunately they changed their original windows with VIHORLAT sign for new plastic windows.«

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