Wooden village

→ At the market on Žilinská street

» The best dumplings with cottage cheese (the traditional Slovak meal) and pork with dumplings and cabbage (typical Czech meal) - both for 2,70 euro. Amazing place, everyday costumers create unique atmosphere and everything seems like 20 years ago with the help of the funny boss from Southern Bohemia.  «
» This place is classic in comparison to invasion of developers. Everything is original – the tables outside and the embossed sign Viecha on the wooden tiling which hides the materials like asbestos and formica. If you ask the waitress when they are closing the place down she will tell you immediately “We’ve been closing the place for ten years, dear.” The quality of the food is average and the selection is appropriate to the price and strongly resembles the canteen food prepared with love and reason. It is favorite place for parties for seniors and quick shots by elite artists from Bratislava.  «

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