Patkoš Inn

Cult establishment at the corner of Letná and Hálková, close to the round department store Slimák

One of those places where time stood still, probably right after the war. The pub is covered by a hedge, so no one (wife, girlfriend or your boss) will not see you. The hedge is interrupted only by a triumphant arched gate saying "Welcome" or "Thank you for your custom", depending on your perspective. Big concrete patio with wooden tables is ideal for a relaxing pint of Kofola with family after a cycling trip or for a pint of beer with friends. For the brave ones amongst you, there is a non-ventilated smoking area inside. Full of slightly weird locals who have grown to their chairs probably at the end of 1980s. The also offer few staples of local cuisine such as Szegedín, pickled Camembert or a pork cutlet with onions and mustard. The prices are nice and the experience is priceless...

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