U Wallnera

Kutuzovova 5, near Nová doba

U Wallnera [At Wallner’s] is probably the oldest pub in Bratislava. It has opened 83 years ago and it is named after a gentleman who owned it during 1960s. It is a typical watering hole, which opens early in the morning and closes officialy at 9pm (unofficially until everyone leaves). They serve a rather good Litovel beer and slightly less good Stein. They also offer pickled Camemberts and the walls feature photographs from the time when Nová doba was being built. The staff consists of slightly sour middle-aged ladies, but if you try to chat them up a little bit, they will turn into talkative aunties. They also sell really great old school crisps (or potato chips, if you’re American) that are most likely made by some old lady in her own kitchen. Although they tried to refurbish the place, which can be fatal for these kind of places (they painted the façade an ugly orange colour) – on the inside it is still a pub like you remember from before 1989. Outside, there is a patio (not refurbished) and toilets (certainly not refurbished). What is most retro about this place is the staff, the guests and the atmosphere. I have no idea how it looked before the atempted refurbishment, but I am not sure if I actually want to know…

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