Shops with exotic and healthy food

→ Škultétyho, behind big marble building

» Quite luxurious shop focusing on Italian delicacies – you can buy here hand-made pasta, fresh Mozarella, Parmigiano, Prosciuto and Italian wine.   «

Popy, Škultétyho 1, down the stairs next to LIDL
» All sorts of Indian and other delicious things.  «

Ferienčikova 2, the street behind Mamut pub
» Shop selling exotic ingredients. Lovely Thai girls included.  «

Planeta Food, Račianska 29
» Anything you want (especially tempeh, seaweed, tahini…)  «

Vysoká, almost at the junction with Obchodná
» We have discovered an amazing shop with exotic foods. They sell legumes, grains, but also tea by weight from large bags. You can buy things like couscous, red lentils, mungo beans, but also jasmine and basmati rice, or even black tea and hibiscus. Lady behind the counter will ladle out some sun-dried tomatoes for you… or cut you a nice piece of halva, baklava and other sweet little cakes. They have amazing selection of spices, some of which I couldn’t find elsewhere. Rest of the stuff is classically exotic – soy sauces, coconut milks, dolmades, tobacco for water pipes and so on…  «

Naam Asia Food – Ferienčíkova 2, behind Mamut – shop with exotic ingredients with cute Thai staff

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