→ Under the Prístavný Bridge, closer to the city center, opposite the petrol station

» These garages are a social space. Many musicians rent them as rehearsal spaces. They grind their talents until they’ve got something. The hardcore/punk garage is especially noteworthy, as it also serves as a venue for live gigs. Numerous bands from all corners of the world, from Japan to South America, played there, however it looks rather inconspicuous to the naked eye. The gigs here have an unforgettable atmosphere – especially when it rains and the crowd squeezes into an already small space, eventually becoming one with the band playing. Often, one will find themselves stuck to the ceiling, when the garage version of stage diving kicks in (although there’s no stage here). Despite the fact that the garage is mostly used by hardcore and punk bands, sometimes it hosts more experimental genres and sub-genres. Also, it is quite possible that you will stumble upon a concert with 5 and a half people attending. If there is something on, you will find about it on www.hard-core.sk. «

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