Laughing Gnome

→ Panská 29, near St. Martin’s cathedral

» It is a small statue, hidden in the facade of the house, a little human with an oversized phallus supposedly laughs at the house on the opposite side of the street. It is one of the few authentic attractions in our city, unlike Čumil etc. The Laughing Gnome is so well-made. I think, it was discovered by accident during the socialist era, while they were carrying some work on the building. «
» There is a legend about the Laughing Gnome saying that there were two boys who wanted to marry the same girl. She could not decide who to marry, so she told them to build house as luxurious as possible and she would marry the man who would built the house she liked the most. In the end, she chose the man who built the house with the Gnome and since then, it laughs at the man, who got dumped. «
» In reality the statue was originally on a façade of a house on Ventúrska, just opposite the house next to Academia Istropolitana. It was the house of Bratislava’s mayor, who had a beautiful young wife who liked young artists. It was the young sculptors who made the statue and fixed it to its original place. It was moved to its current spot – and believe me, I was there when they moved it. «

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