Unfinished swimming pool

→ behind the three green high rise panel houses at Žižkova, opposite River Park

» A pool that was left unfinished during the socialist times is emblazoned with legends... « Here is the documentary film about them.

» The pool which is now covered in shrubbery was built during the war. It was supposed to replace Lido - the public swimming pool located at the other bank of Danube. An artificial waterfall, three swimming pools, a diving platform, a restaurant and a small physiotherapy clinic were supposed be built on the site with a beautiful view of Danube. Several stories are circulating about why the pool was never finished. Some are very prosaic, others hint at conspiracy theories. Despite the fact the pool was never filled with water, some of the older Bratislavians will stubbornly claim to have bathed in the pool and that the water was way too cold. «

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