Four Lions

→ Ul. francúzskych partizánov – Memorial to the victims of the first world war

» Near Slavín, short walk up the hill, by the houses, there is a small elevated place with a memorial with four lion’s heads. When it is not completely overgrown, there is a great view of the city and I have several great memories of this place, when we would come and smoke pot here with friends. We would call the place ‘Four Lions’. «

» The memorial was built from the granite that was taken from the disassembled plinth on which statue of Maria Therese stood. The memorial may seem unfinished, but only thing missing are the wreaths – either proper ones or ones made from bronze, they were supposed to hang from the four consoles located on each side of the cube. Inside, there is a metallic box with a scripture, several souvenirs and a poem celebrating the dead heroes of the great war. «

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