→ at the end of Hlboká and further up

» This was the first Calvary in the former Kingdom of Hungary, built in 1694 in order to commemorate the victory over Turks. There’s not much left of it now. It used to begin at the crossroads of Štefánikova a Šancová streets, it then continued up the Pražská street and then further up the hill. Most of the original route was destroyed in the 70s during the enlargement of Pražská. You can get to the remainders of the old route by walking up the staircase right behind the Siedmy perón (#401) pub, then follow the street Za sokolovňou up the hill for a little while, and there you will find the sign directing you to the Calvary. After a short walk on the forest path you will merge onto an old way with Stations of the Cross, paved with pebble stones, that will lead you up to the peak of the hill, where you can find the foundations of the former church and the bell tower. On your way up, you will come across a fairly well preserved last station of the cross.  «

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