Military cemetery in Petržalka

→ Behind Kopčianska street, close to Austrian border

» After 15 minutes walk across the fields you will get into a whole different world - to the military cemetery. You can choose from two paths – austrian or slovak, between them there’s the border. The cemetery is very nice, calm and well cared for. Right next to the cemetery is the “reconstructed” military shelter, that a few enthusiastic old guys have took care of. They chased out the homeless and made it into a sort of museum. They will guide you gladly, show what has been where and how, you can take a photo in a german uniform, next to a cannon, try a gas helmet on, or to read a book in a reading room for bombardiers. Old guys will also show you pictures from the visit of Hitler in their shelter and will invite you for a barbecue at the spot, where the soldiers used to roast. Recently a branch of a Petržalka’s self service library has been opened here. «

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