Zen girl

→ Between Turnianska and Krásnohorská street, Petržalka district

» A statue from Vladimir Havrilla, that sits on a stone taken from the original Old Bridge. The zen girl‘s looking 7 metres ahead of her and there’s another stone in her line of view. Officially she was named Pensive and has been finished at the end of socialism at 1988/1989. It all happened thanks to sculptor L. Korkos, who had said to Havrilla he will have his back (to pass such a spiritual motive under communist censorship). The little hat is a sort of a zen joke. Something like a halo. Havrilla likes to play like that. When I asked him if he intends it as a spot for meditation he answered the he who would sit on the rock in front of the statue and meditate would be an idiot... He likes to make fun of things.. but that’s what zen’s about... even to make fun of yourself and what’s best – when I showed him how the statue is sprayed over, he was delighted, said it was great! «

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