Metro station in Petržalka

→ Close to the terminal stop of buses number 93 and 95

» Terminal stop of a never-finished Bratislava tube. Concreted hole for a big monster. Water, dirt, darkness and a perfect echo. Enter only in fishing trousers, gumboots and with a torch. Ideal spot for shooting rap videoclips. « 
» I would say that the metro in Petržalka is a curiosity of its own, as the visible traces of the previously started construction works are still noticeable along the originally projected route between the TPD shopping centre all the way to the already mentioned depot. It is a continual stripe of greenery across the entire Petržalka, where the trees have grown in places suspiciously below the level of the surrounding terrain and they alternate all along with leftovers of rusty posts, while some of them were used to demarcate the metro route and the others…who knows. The route is best accessible by bicycle. «

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