→ In Petržalka, close to the Antolská hospital (Bus No. 95 – bus stop Šintavská)

» A true post-socialistic vacation spot. Only once I moved away from there I have actually realized how poetic it was to be able to go for an evening swim. Families with kids are already home and the only ones left are the old, super-tanned fishermen, the swans, old ladies with a magazine in their hands and people from the surrounding blocks of flats, who came for a swim with a towel over their shoulder. There are a couple of stalls at the lake, selling langoše and other fatty snacks, once in a while you might get lucky and there will be some nice music playing and unfailingly you will find hroznovka (a grape soda) on tap. It is the ultimate fuel for a body heated up after a steamy summer day.«

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