→ place where borders of Slovakia, Hungary and Austria meet

» I go there on a bike, there is a group of stone statues and other objects right in the middle of nowhere. You can sit in their shade, climb on top of them or just stare at them and think. Fields everywhere, ripening ears of wheat, sheer beauty in the middle of summer. Even before Schengen came, there was no fence or barbed wire. I guess they knew why they left it like that. From time to time, you can meet Austrian border guards there and have a little chat with them, if they’re in the mood. You can get there from Rusovce, take Vývojová (by the Municipal Office), go straight ahead until you reach the flyover above the D2 motorway, on the first crossroads turn left and then you go straight ahead through the fields for about 5 km. The place will be on your right-hand side.«

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