Kempelen’s Water Pipe

» Under the castle, in an area known as Zuckermandel, there are remains of an important technical monument – the so-called Kempelen’s Water Pipe (designed by famous inventor Wolfgang von Kempelen). This pressurised water pipe solved the old problem of supplying water to the castle – Kempelen built a tunnel throughout the castle hill, which was used to carry the water all the way from the Danube to the castle. The already-mentioned remains are located in the slope of the castle hill, near the garages of the Caribic’s restaurant. I always wanted to bring a torch and climb inside and wind up somewhere on the castle’s courtyard in front of the eyes of baffled tourists. :) Unfortunately, during the months of summer, the area around the portal is overgrown with weeds, so do not forget to pack a sharp knife to cut your way inside :) The best way to get in is via old stairs, which are called, I think, Schody pri starej Vodárni.«

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