Written Stone

Up on the hill, behind the gamekeeper's house on Kačín - approximately 2 km in the north-northeast direction

» This already broken stone pyramid has a colorful history. Due to constant territorial disputes over the borderline dividing Bratislava and the dominion of the Pálffy family, the emperor Rudolf II decided to interfere. He had the borderline delineated by stones. This so called Written Stone used to be amongst those that served this purpose. It carries engravings of both the coat of arms of the city of Bratislava as well as that of the Pálffy family, the year 1600 and the sequential number 14. Out of the entire chain of border stones, only a mere torso was preserved and it is now well hidden in the Little Carpathian Mountains. «

» How to get there? From the last stop of bus No. 43 (it’s only running over the summer) at Kačín, take the little walkway all the way to your left, then straight ahead, until you arrive at a crossing. From there continue straight ahead for about 100 metres along the open woodland. Then make a sharp right and continue straight ahead on the vanishing pathway all the way to the edge of a chasm called Pavlečkovica. Take a good look around and I am sure you will find a written stone. If you’re looking for refreshment, there is a little well at the bottom of the chasm. «

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