Peeing Boys

In the courtyard of the Karolyi Palace at Uršulínska 6

"There is a fountain depicting four boys peeing. It easily beats the Brussel's Manneken Pis not only by the actual number of subjects peeing, but also by its historic value. It dates back to 1572! It happens to be the original base of the Roland's fountain, which was later replaced in the 18th century by a less provoking version. The courtyard, in which the statute is located, is normally closed, however, sometimes it is possible to get in. Or you can just try to look out for someone coming out and simply ask them to let you see the statute."

„Yo, it used to be part of the Maximilian's fountain, it was later located at the corner of a brothel in Vydrica, then it also stood at the Main Square as an individual fountain without the fish part (back in the time when that little park was still there),"

"Peeing boys are really cool, but there's something that strikes me even more every time I walk through that courtyard - it's that sun clock in the north-western corner :)"

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