Remains of a Petrol Station

At the crossing of Račianska and Pionierska streets, opposite the VÚZ (Výskumný ústav zváračský - The Welding Research Institute), at the entrance to the waste collection centre.

"There is this weird construction that we used to drive past ever since we were like 5 years old, I always wondered what purpose did it serve and only today I have discovered that those are the remains of Bratislava's presumably oldest petrol station owned by the BZ company (the Zikmund Brothers). They were Czech entrepreneurs who started off first with trading oil, petrol and fuel. Later on, they expanded their line of products by diesel, lubricants and other commodities available within the field. In 1927 they were managing over 400 petrol stations in the territory of the first Czechoslovak republic, all carrying the "BZ" logo. Their customers were grand enterprises such as Walter, ammunition factory Brno, or Škoda. Their products were of a particularly high quality, they were usually selling the Mogul products. Their warehouses were normally in the close proximity to the railways. In Slovakia, they were usually located in the strategically important cities, but Bratislava was considered the most important of all, particularly due to the location of the Apollo refinery. The Zigmunds had their warehouses in that area and they used the railways to distribute the fuel all across the country. One of the oldest petrol stations in Bratislava was built as close to the railway as possible - near the Filiálka crossing. The BZ, as well as any other petrol stations in the former Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic were later subsumed under the single enterprise of "Mineral oils refinery", which was later renamed a national enterprise Benzinol. The BZ building slowly deteriorated until it ended up in its current ruinous state, but it's still standing.

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