South from Petržalka suburb, you can experience a very pleasant walk, starting from bus terminal station Vyšehradska (bus 93, 95). On the left from unfinished tube station there is a waking path, and no longer than in 20 min you are there.

So to say, romantic suggestion for nature lovers. Come spring time, the place is filled with loads of snowdrops, bear garlic you find there too. It used to be baroque park back in Mary Theresian times, whole forest actually was a preserve full of wild animals where lorship spent their time hunting, led by Joseph II. Mysterious old stone bridge that once used to go across active river Danube axis is a memento of these time. Before World War 2, whole area was protected by stone walls dismanteled by bolshevik working class in 1947. Pheasantry is harldy known by local Petržalka folk... but they have been three times to Tiber, twice in Pacific, once in California.

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