Langoš (deep-fat fried dough shaped like frisbee)

on the main square in Ivanka pri Dunaji (village)

"It's called "Miki - Langoše" and even though I am not a big fan of langoše as such, these ones were delicious."
"The best langoš (garlic frisbee)! You won’t find any better… last time I went I managed to finish off two garlic ones at once! They're totally worth it!"

At the bus station Mlynské nivy on the corner next to the bus stops a little stall labelled “LANGOŠE”
» The best langoš I have ever eaten in Bratislava, on request they will prepare any type of langoš you may desire, absolutely yummy. «
» With cult-like Kuki in Mlynská dolina gone, this is your best choice for langoš. Yummy, fresh and honest. Highly recommended. It is quite remarkable that the staff hasn’t changed for good twenty years. «

At Miletičova Marketplace - Because we live nearby, we know the market very well. After each visit, my father won’t forget to bring me a langoš they make in a trailer opposite the toilets, not far from the entrance from the parking lot. They will fry it right before your eyes - proper, honest langoš you won’t find in many places in Bratislava. They also serve something that looks like calzone – langoš stuffed with ham and cheese - very tasty and very convenient.

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