Richtár Jakub

Brewery on Moskovská 16, from the other side of Omama.

"As a matter of fact, the beer that they used to serve in Omama is actually brewed here (it's brewed by Mr. Tribulík) and it tastes way better on tap when it comes directly from the tanks. They serve Katarína (13° dark beer), Jakub (12° lager) and Anna (draught 10°). Along with these goodies they also have various different types of beer from small Czech and Slovak breweries, which are updated almost daily plus rich and filling meals that combine well with the beer."

"Bratislava's minibrewery that is open daily until 22:00 (unofficially until 23:00). Delicious beers on tap that change on a regular basis and there is always at least 7 or 8 different beers at a time. The food is also excellent - I highly recommend those little fried fishes called Grundle. And what's really important, the place is always filled with nice people, so a good atmosphere is guaranteed."

"Grundle - greek fried fish plus a great local beer. The service is really nice and the interior was obviously designed with the honest goodness of heart with fake ceiling beams (6x6 cm in cross section - a bit of a joke for the statics)."

"I have noticed that this little pub is becoming a beer tourist destination."

"Great local beer and also great food that goes well with beer (potato pancakes, pork roast on the spit, camembert...). You can rarely find any teenagers here, the guests are usually beer connaisseurs."

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