Cobblers and shoe-makers

Panská – cobbler in a passage – opposite In Vivo. They will repair your shoes, bags or zippers. They are very sympathetic.

Panenská – Mr Horváth, right behind the President Pub, close to the bus stop. He also makes custom shoes, you just have to ask about it.

Záhradnícka, in Ružinov, behind Slovenská sporiteľňa building (that really ugly building with glossy windows next to Slovanet) – go inside the ugly building, walk downstairs as you would go to Billa supermarket and exit. The cobbler’s shop is right opposite. I have been here few times.

At Nivy coach station – from the side of the coach station on Páričková. He gives a guarantee on replaced heels. The work is of a good quality, but you have to wait for few days…

Trnavské Mýto – in the underpass there is a very good cobbler, he gives a 3-month guarantee and the prices were more than agreeable.

Šancová – opposite the YMCA, behind the bus stop in the direction of Račianske mýto. I haven’t tried their services yet, but there are always plenty of people coming in and out of the shop…

Znievska 19 in Petržalka, near Draždiak lake – Ján Husár. Probably the most hidden cobbler in the city, or to be precise on the perifery. Hidden in a panel high rise near the intersection. If you walk from Draždiak, you have to walk under the ramp leading to the terrace. Then turn right. It’s the first door near the garages. You have to ring a bell and enter the dark bowels of the house. He is very able and his prices are very low.

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