Zdr_v_čk_! Toto je mapa pekných miest a vecí v Bratislave!



» Perfect restaurant for the workers, nearby Avion shopping center in the area called Mexico. You can eat while you stand or outside by the wooden tables if it’s warm enough. Szegedín (cabbage sauce) with pork and 5 pieces of dumplings + soup + beer fit into your lunch budget but one cannot eat it. The food is great, the portions are big and prices are cheap. This restaurant also featured in the news, unfortunately it was because of salmonellosis. The parking lot is next to the building of the restaurant and it’s for free. I strongly recommend it! If you don’t have enough money you can order goulash soup with two slices of bread for € 1 and it’s really filling. If you have € 5 you will have a great choice of food but you have to be prepared for a hurricane or other disaster.  «

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