Zdr_v_čk_! Toto je mapa pekných miest a vecí v Bratislave!



Pod Novou Scénou na rohu Živnostenskej

»Besides images of naked women and museum of musical instruments, the greatest decoration of them all is a gas-mask strapped around a globe.«

»It is one of the grubbiest pubs in town. Do not take your prospective girlfriend here. Ever. It was one of the first pubs in Bratislava that would serve draught Bernard. The clientele consists mainly of alcoholics and barflies aged between 18 and death. But you can also find here people who do not like the atmosphere of more contemporary establishments and prefer pubs with a little soul. (Alcoholic’s soul). If your in a financial peril, you can have Corgoň. The selection of hard booze is quite exceptional. The pub is officialy opened until 10pm, but during weekends they tend to be open until later.«

» I visited the place with a serbian guy and his friend once. They pulled out their saxophones and started to play... It was after the closing time and there was only one man left. He was in his forties and he had jewelry on his neck with the style of 90s. He said that his girlfriend had left him and asked for a song from slovak popular music band – Elán. Very great pub. And perfect beer! «

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