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Môj bar

Na Dobrovičovej 13, pri Šafku vedľa ÚĽUVu

"Môj bar (My Bar) found its regulars within a few days of its running. A nice bar, which miraculously drove off the inhospitable spirit of the previous miserable restaurant. My personal favourite is the glass of Moravian Muscatel and “home-made limo”, which depends on how they mix it. Always different and always tasting good. They have also some small delicacies – pork scrap spread, spinach cake, filled croissants, cakes… All this in the room with small retro lights and retro furniture. Your friends passing by in the street might see you through the windows, come in and a superb evening can start. They are open only until 10 pm, but the owners try really hard that you feel fine. It would be nice to have little less sheep inside and the music can be little off at times, but everything it takes, is to ask the waiters… ”
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