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V Petržalke pri nemocnici Antolská (zastávka 95 – Šintavská)

The real postsocialism summer resort. Just when I moved out from this area I realised how poetic it is to go swimming here in the evening. Families with small kids went already home and who has stayed are tanned older fishermen, swans, ladies reading magazines and people from nearby houses who came here for an evening swim with a towel over their shoulders. A charismatic rarity are the electric wires over the lake. If you think about them for a second during swimming to the other side of the lake you body will start moving a little bit faster by itself. There are some buffets next to the lake where you can buy langos (a traditional Hungarian speciality made from potato-based dough) or other specialities. From time to time you can find a playing music in here and for sure you can buy a grape lemonade (hroznovka). This is the best fuel for your exhausted body during a hot summer day.

» A beach place at the Petržalka seafront. It has its charms – to be sitting in your drenched bathing suit on the plastic chairs with kofola in one hand and watch the local sea surrounded by the concrete blocks of flats. «

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