Zdr_v_čk_! Toto je mapa pekných miest a vecí v Bratislave!



Slovanské nábrežie 46 na Devíne

Friendly family-owned café by the Danube. It has a great coffee, draught prosecco, Stupavar beer or spiffingly refreshing home-made lemonades. You can nibble on a traditional Bratislava roll filled with ground poppy seeds or walnuts. They also have pagáč [a savoury pastry reminiscent of a British scone or American biscuit, often made with pork crackling or cheese], hearty waffles and pickled cheese. During summer they regularly host film screenings for children and adults alike, irregularly they also host concerts. This is a place you can fall in love with, whether you are a local or a tourist! 

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