Zdr_v_čk_! Toto je mapa pekných miest a vecí v Bratislave!



Prokopa Veľkého 1, na konci Hlbokej nad SAV

„After a walk in the Horský park, take a seat in Funus, underneath the old chestnut trees, have a 10° Budvar on tap or the incredibly refreshing grape lemonade (hroznovka). It is a true classics, traditional place for outings which is conveniently located in the city centre."

„One of the places from the retro category. You won’t get served after 9.50pm and if you dare to ask for a small beer, you will be treated like the enemy of the people… A fourth class pub, a communist-era relic, with no table service and dubious hygienic standards. Sorry, but let’s not overdo it with the nostalgia…"

Máš k tomu čo dodať? Ťuk!