Zdr_v_čk_! Toto je mapa pekných miest a vecí v Bratislave!


Pod kamenným stromom

Na Sedlárskej asi 2 domy pod Irish Pubom je vchod do dvora a v ňom po lavej strane ťažké kovové dvere.

»It is run by a fanatic lover of great food and drinks, so it is worth starting a little discussion with him. Taste the amazing beer, spirits of a high quality distilled from the unusual fruits (be careful with the Dulovica :)) or home-made patés and spreads. The bar has a library and also board games, but in case you are in the mood for a chat, only nice people go there. And a final warning: the time goes by so quickly in here! You may think you have only just spent an hour here, whereas it has already been three hours at least! So watch out! «

»Besides tasty drinks, every day they serve great seasonal food. Always a soup, fish and meat.«

Máš k tomu čo dodať? Ťuk!